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Easy to remove the glass on the shadowless glue

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

1, with soap plus a little ammonia and turpentine mixture, you can remove many dirt and make the glass surface more shiny (this article applies to tiles, ceramics, glass, etc.). 2, with a good sticky transparent glue repeatedly tear, you can remove some of the surface 3, with a little letter of sodium water on the wipe off, or paint with thin material can also be 4, you can use hair dryer dry, and then gently scraping You can 5, with a cotton swab dipped in water to wipe. 6, wind oil fine wipe.

7, use a special cleaning agent or sports shoes to remove the cream wipe.

8, with the drawing with the 4b rubber is very soft that kind of Korean rubber can erase it. 9, if it is a long trace of traces have been hardened, you can first use a hot towel to get it soft.

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