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Glass bottle factory for perfume bottle market plan

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

First of all, the car perfume bottle market, in the past period of time after the rapid development of China's private car ownership has begun to saturation, the growth trend of decline, the demand for car perfume bottles will also be a great decline. Moreover, with the development of the market, in the past for the car perfume bottle only look, do not speak the quality of this basic situation will be a big change. For perfume bottles in the future will be more and more emphasis on design and quality.

Second, the glass bottle factory perfume is gradually rising, with the rise of domestic cosmetics, domestic cosmetics will usher in their own development period, for the domestic perfume bottle packaging will be more frontline ethnic elements and characteristics.

Finally, the perfume bottle of the foreign trade market, which is the past perfume bottle manufacturers of the main market. With the increase in domestic labor and other types of costs, perfume bottles of orders will be some of the lower labor market in Southeast Asia, part of the carved out. This is our perfume bottle manufacturers must face.

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