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Glass bottle manufacturers to everyone on the collection of wine tips

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

Although the current liquor shopping malls in the doldrums, high-end liquor shopping malls even more so. But China's thousands of years down the composition of the wine culture, wine shopping malls still exist on the high-end liquor, some manufacturers sometimes launch quantitative version of liquor, this type of liquor, although sales are not high, but the profit is usually amazing. However, the business on the quantitative liquor more white wine body to make a fuss, in fact, white wine bottle is a quantitative commodity is not an element of negligence. Refer to foreign quantitative perfume that is the case.

On the white wine glass, the white wine bottle if you can enter the quantitative liquor shopping malls, the natural can also be a high profit behind a cup of soup. And the quantitative version of the white wine bottle is usually in the interest on a very loose accounting, so that the designer on the white wine bottle, there is a full play of space, will not be bound by the cost. Together with a successful quantitative version of the bottle can also be a white wine bottle manufacturers hand thorns, is conducive to improving the manufacturers in the industry visibility, more conducive to the overall improvement of domestic liquor bottle packaging planning.

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