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Glass Bottles in the packaging market

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017
Do not know that we have noticed the container packaging market, although the latter, but it was done after the first, the glass bottle factory was later come back to the form of plastic jars to control the multi-year shopping malls. That is why it is inseparable from the many advantages of plastic jar brown.

However, the mall is always after the waves pushed forward waves, and constantly push the wind easily. Now some of the new packaging containers carton packaging, plastic vertical and other new packaging methods have emerged, are expected to go through their own advantages to replace the glass packaging market share.

We all know that the reason why glass bottles can squeeze plastic bottles, there is a big reason is that its raw materials are stable, good chemical stability. The low cost of glass bottles makes many food, medicine, cosmetics manufacturers choose this new packaging. But compared with the plastic jar packaging costs are very low. Glass jars are necessary to compensate for the lack of this advantage by virtue of other advantages. This is its appearance in the more and more change, more and more texture, which is plastic jar can not handle. On the plastic jar packaging it is not only low cost, and its more simple degradation and environmental protection, which is plastic jar packaging can not reach. Thus, glass jars need to have a greater improvement in environmental protection.

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