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Glass bottles in the spices market propped half the sky

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

Observe the home of the seasoning packaging, we can easily find, wine Yeah, soy sauce Yeah, vinegar Yeah, are generally installed with a glass bottle, we have thought about why? Why glass bottles in the seasoning market so popular.

Because the main raw material of glass bottles is natural ore, quartz stone, caustic soda, limestone and so on. Glass bottles with a high degree of transparency and corrosion resistance, contact with most chemicals will not occur material properties change. Its manufacturing process is simple, free shape changeable, hardness, heat, clean, easy to clean, and so on. Is a glass bottle as one of the main packaging of the condiment industry, mainly for edible oil, soy sauce vinegar, cooking wine, and powder seasoning materials such as condiments packaging.

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