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Glass factory advantage

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

1, long-term use of plastic barrels (bottles) with edible oil, edible oil will be dissolved into the human body harmful plasticizer;; 95% of the domestic market edible oil are used plastic bucket (bottle) dress, storage time Long (usually more than a week), edible oil will be dissolved into the human body harmful plasticizer. The domestic experts have been collected on the market different brands and different factory date of the plastic bucket (bottle) installed soybean salad oil, blending oil, peanut oil to do the test, the test results show that all tested plastic barrels (bottles) with edible oil, Plasticizer "dibutyl phthalate".

Plasticizer on the human reproductive system has a certain toxic effect on the male poison more. However, due to the role of plasticizer poisoning was chronic, not easy to detect, and thus in its widespread presence more than a decade later, to now only cause the attention of experts at home and abroad.

   2, plastic barrels (bottles) dressed in wine, vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments vulnerable to harmful to the human body of ethylene pollution;; plastic barrels (bottles) mainly by polyethylene or polypropylene and other materials and add a variety of solvents Made of. Polyethylene, polypropylene, these two materials are not toxic, used to drink cans on the human body without adverse effects. However, due to the plastic bottle in the production process still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if long-term storage of wine, vinegar and other fat-soluble organic matter, it will occur physical and chemical reactions, ethylene monomer will slowly dissolution. In addition, plastic bottles (bottles) with wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc., in the air plastic bottles will be oxygen, ultraviolet and other effects and aging, the release of more ethylene monomer, so that the barrel (bottle) , Vinegar, soy sauce and other metamorphic taste.

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