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Auto Perfume Bottle Purchase Method

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Car perfume purchase the most basic two points is the choice of fragrance and perfume bottle choice, for the choice of fragrance we have introduced many times, and here we talk about how to choose the car perfume bottle. Today's car perfume bottle is not as simple as usual, both from the appearance or material have a lot of improvement, and variety of species, that you can think of it will be able to find in the market above. Car Perfume Bottle In the face of so many models of car perfume bottles, we may be confused, do not know what the choice of what, but do not know which is the most suitable for their own.

Selection of car perfume bottles

1. Our car perfume bought to be placed in the car, so we have to according to our models, car style, color, etc. to choose. If our model belongs to the kind of generous type, then we can choose a noble car perfume bottle, and if you choose a cartoon car perfume bottle is a bit nondescript. If our model is ladies type, Car Perfume Bottle then we can choose an elegant type of car perfume bottle. If sometimes you can not determine what kind of models, then the easiest way is to choose a car standard car perfume seat, this is the most simple and most useful way to choose a perfume bottle.

2. We can choose according to some of their own characteristics, or according to their own preferences to choose, if we like to see what the animation, then you can choose some cartoon-type perfume bottle, if we love football, you can choose some And football-related perfume bottles. Car Perfume Bottle If we are more interested in the crystal, you can choose crystal car perfume seat, if we are more interested in the collection, not to a Zisha car perfume seat to try.

Place the perfume bottle

Auto Perfume (Auto Perfume) is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives and alcohol liquid, used to make the car car has a lasting and pleasant smell. Has become a car owners increasingly concerned about the object, the face of numerous, colorful car perfume smuggled owners always hesitant, do not know how to choose their own perfume, especially the weather is getting hot, buy perfume become a lot of owners headache The thing.

Also in the perfume purchase, in addition to see the fineness of perfume itself, but also to understand the perfume container material. These have an impact on the function of perfume. Car Perfume Bottle Now the market is also filled with a lot of fake.

How to use perfume bottles

With the widespread use of cars, car perfume also strides into our lives. Car perfume directly affects the mood and safety of the driver, choose the right car perfume is particularly important. Now the market commonly used car perfume to have liquid car perfume, solid car perfume and aerosol-type car perfume three. Liquid type car perfume is more common, liquid type perfume perfume and volatile solvent mixture, than the solid perfume fragrance to be thick, long duration, scattered slow, in a variety of art shape of the container, the liquid type Car perfume available for 2 to 3 months. At present, car perfume has become a necessity of the public, Car Perfume Bottle it is beautiful and beautiful, is the preferred car interior decorations. Car perfume, we all know, only know that it is the car interior decorations, but do not know it actually there are many unknown effects Oh!

Car perfume to keep the car clean air, remove the car smell, kill bacteria, play the role of air purification. Is conducive to driving the safety of drivers, it can in the small car space to create a kind of Qingxin pleasant atmosphere, in order to keep the driver mind clear and calm, which can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, add car inside the elegant taste. Now many car perfume styling are very cute, in addition to fragrance, or a good interior decoration small pieces, active car atmosphere, improve driving pleasure.


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