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Autumn Glass Bottle Factory Production Of Glass Bottles Of Attention

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

First, the purchase of glass bottles of raw materials. Glass bottles of raw materials are usually glass slag, abandoned glass bottles. Most of these raw materials come from villages and cities. But the purchase of raw materials also need to pay attention to many questions. Raw material prices, the source of raw materials, raw material content, raw material cleanliness, texture of raw materials and so on are selected when the need to pay attention to the question.

Second, the simple autumn days of fresh, glass bottle production process to avoid the glass bottle cracking. Glass bottles are produced from the high temperature furnace encountered cold air will show condensation and frozen, but sometimes also showed deformation, perhaps the appearance of cracking. Therefore, the fall of the time, we must strengthen the prevention of cracking. Comprehensively improve the quality of workers and the production of glass technology to ensure the normal production of glass bottles.

Third, the storage of glass bottles. Glass is usually stored in the glass factory, and some have hidden things covered, and some even directly in the air. Although the glass bottle is not afraid of wind and rain, but also to avoid excessive accumulation of glass bottles.

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