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Car Perfume Bottle Is A Car Interior Decoration

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

At present, the car perfume bottle has become the public necessities, car perfume bottle Beautiful, is the preferred car interior decorations.

Car Perfume bottle, as we all know, only the car perfume bottle is a car interior decoration, but do not know the car perfume bottle actually have a lot of unknown effect Oh! Car perfume can keep the air inside the car clean, remove odor in the car, kill bacteria, play the role of purifying the air. In favor of driving safety, car perfume bottles in the narrow car space to create a qingxin pleasant atmosphere, in order to maintain the driver's mind and calm, so as to reduce the incidence of accidents, add car refined. Now many car perfume modelling is quite lovable, besides the fragrance, the car perfume bottle is certainly very good inside the car decorates small pieces, Car Perfume Bottle the active car atmosphere, enhances the driving pleasure.

Car Perfume bottle Unique shape, to add aesthetic flavor to the car.

Car perfume Purchase The most basic two point is the choice of fragrance and the choice of car perfume bottle, for the choice of fragrance we have introduced many times, here to tell you how to choose car Perfume bottle. Car Perfume Bottle Today's car perfume bottle is not as simple as before, whether it is from the outside or material has a great improvement, and variety, that is, you can think of the market can be found. Car Perfume Bottle Faced with so many models of car perfume bottles, we may be confused, do not know what to choose, but also not clear which is the most suitable for their own.

Selection of car perfume bottles

1. Our car perfume is bought to be put in the car, so we should be based on our model, car style, color and so on to choose. If our model belongs to that kind of generosity, Car Perfume Bottle then we can choose a noble type of car perfume bottle, if you choose a cartoon type of car perfume bottle is a bit nondescript. If our model is ladylike, then we can choose an elegant car perfume bottle. If sometimes you can not determine the type of your car, then the simplest way is to choose a vehicle logo car perfume seat, Car Perfume Bottle this is the simplest and most useful way to choose a perfume bottle.

2. We can choose according to some of their own characteristics, or according to their own preferences, if we like to see cartoons or something, then we can choose some cartoon-style perfume bottles, if we love football, we can choose some football-related perfume bottles. If we are interested in crystal, we can choose the crystal car perfume seat, Car Perfume Bottle if we are more interested in collectibles, not to a purple sand car perfume seat to try.

Car Perfume Bottle Placement

Car perfume bought one, the next is installed, the car although only 2 cubic meters, but for a car perfume or a person quite "big" space, then, in such a "big" space, where should we put the car perfume? Generally if the hanging type can hang in the rearview mirror, if your car perfume seat metal is stronger, you'd better not put on the dashboard, otherwise the sun will be reflected in the eyes, so that your eyes, Car Perfume Bottle serious interference with the vehicle vision. Airbag around also should not be placed perfume bottles, because in the event of an accident, the pop-up airbag will make perfume a small bomb, a great harm. We'd better choose some more sturdy car perfume, Car Perfume Bottle put in a less exposed, more safe place. Put a small bag on the side of the door, put the car perfume inside is a good choice, so it will not take up space, but if you want to let your car perfume to add a visual sense of the car, Car Perfume Bottle you can hang in the rearview mirror.

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