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Car Perfume Bottle Makes You Feel Good

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Car perfume to make your car fragrant overflowing, pick up a beautiful chic car perfume bottle will take some thought. Youthful bright pink, rose, steady and elegant brown, green, transparent or half through the crystal car perfume bottle, to create that a hazy elegance, Car Perfume Bottle on the instrument platform, a wisp of fresh fragrance and pleasing shape, make you feel comfortable.

Now the market can be seen in the car perfume bottle modeling a variety of cartoon, car simulation products are very popular flashget welcome. But in the selection does not blindly pursue the appearance of personalization, Car Perfume Bottle should pay attention to the car perfume styling should be with the overall style of the car decoration, otherwise it will appear too abrupt. The appearance of perfume to suit the design of the vehicle itself, Car Perfume Bottle car perfume bottle shape and vehicle dashboard best match.

Our car perfume is bought to be put in the car, so we have to choose according to our model, car style, color and so on. If our model belongs to that kind of generosity, then we can choose a noble type of car perfume bottle, if you choose a cartoon type of car perfume bottle is a bit nondescript. Car Perfume Bottle If our model is ladylike, then we can choose an elegant car perfume bottle. If sometimes you can not determine the type of your car, then the simplest way is to choose a vehicle logo car perfume seat, this is the simplest and most useful way to choose a car perfume bottle.

The existing car perfume bottle, usually in the car perfume bottle inserted in a protrusion of the cotton core, the cotton core is connected to the bottle cap, and the cotton core is protruding from the bottle, when the cotton core is immersed in perfume, the perfume is diffused to the outer space through the cotton core, in order to adjust the concentration of the fragrance, there is a bottle cap in the cotton core coat, Car Perfume Bottle and the hole with opening But since the cotton core is immersed in perfume, even if the hole in the cap is closed, fragrance will also evaporate through the gap, so that the narrow car space, filled with too rich fragrance, and this car perfume bottle only a car perfume bottle to dress perfume, when the user is tired of the fragrance, also inconvenient to change the perfume.

The car perfume bottle comprises a top cover, a chassis and a bottle holder mounted between the top cover and the chassis, the bottle holder comprises a roof and a bottom plate which is fixedly connected through the rotating shaft, wherein the rotating shaft is penetrated through the bottom plate and the top plate, Car Perfume Bottle and the bottom of the rotating shaft is used to probe out the top plate, and the upper end is provided with a groove on the bottom plate. The top plate is provided with a pass hole corresponding to the groove, and the car perfume bottle is arranged on the bottle holder through the groove and the through hole, and the car perfume bottle probes out the top surface of the roof, and the chassis is provided with a groove of the chassis, Car Perfume Bottle wherein the top cover is provided with a top cover through hole, wherein the lower end of the hinge is arranged in the groove of the chassis, And the top cover through the hole, the top cover is in close contact with the car perfume bottle through a knob connected with the upper end of the rotating shaft, wherein the top cover is provided with a relative volatile hole of the car perfume bottle and a perfume volatilization device is installed in the volatile hole. Further, the perfume Volatilization device comprises a housing, a cotton core arranged in the housing and one end of which is extended into the car perfume bottle, a jacket with a toothed thread outside the cotton core, and a adjusting lever engaging with the coat. Further, the top cover bottom surface is provided with a gasket. A connecting column is also arranged between the top plate and the soleplate. Further, Car Perfume Bottle the bottom of the chassis is adhered with a anti-slip pad. The utility model has the advantages and the positive effect is to conveniently adjust the volatile amount of perfume, to avoid the perfume emitting too strong fragrance, and can be loaded with a variety of perfume, convenient choice adjustment.

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