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Car Perfume Bottle Reflects The Different Personality

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Now on the market car perfume to have liquid car perfume, solid car perfume and aerosol car perfume three. Liquid-type car perfume is more common, liquid-type car perfume from the combination of flavor and volatile solvents, fragrance than solid car perfume to thick, long duration, slow distribution, Car Perfume Bottle in a variety of containers with artistic style, liquid type Car perfume available for 2 to 3 months. At present the car perfume bottle has become a necessity for the public, it beautiful and beautiful, is the first choice of automotive interior decoration.

Car perfume bottle, as we all know, only know it is a car interior, but do not know it in fact, there are many unknown effects oh! Car perfume can keep the car air clean, remove the car smell, kill bacteria, play a role in purifying the air. It is conducive to driving safety of drivers. It can create a pleasant atmosphere in the narrow interior space so as to keep drivers sane and serene, so as to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents and enhance their taste in the car. Now many car perfume modeling are very cute, Car Perfume Bottle in addition to the fragrance, car perfume bottle, of course, is still a good car interior small pieces, an active car atmosphere, improve driving pleasure.

Car perfume and human perfume have a common, that is, to remove the odor, but in contrast, this feature is particularly prominent car perfume, eliminate the smell inside the car, Car Perfume Bottle so that the journey of the air more fresh. It is distributed taste is light, different from the human perfume so strong. Choosing the car perfume with better calming effect is very helpful to driving safety, such as the cool herb smell, Car Perfume Bottle rather the amber fragrance, the mint flavor, the fruity sweet flower fragrance can relax the nerve and so on. Fragrance of the car perfume Fragrance perfume car perfume bottle with a unique shape, to the car to add aesthetic flavor.

As temperament more and more personalized in today, the life of elite men more sophisticated. They car perfume bottle of this carrier to interpret a new philosophy of life and quality, Car Perfume Bottle which undoubtedly aptly interpreted the men's intellectual and emotional appeal, return to nature's inner longing. Men choose men's car perfume bottle, pay more attention to women's brand content.

  Car perfume bottle flavor is not just a smell, it implies far-reaching, and car perfume bottle is its spokesman. therefore. Car perfume bottle shape, texture and flavor of the bottle is equally important. Different car perfume bottle car perfume bottle reflects the different personality, from your favorite car perfume bottle design can thoroughly understand your heart.

Professional self-confidence Such car perfume bottle shape smooth smooth, elegant, slender, such as high-end glass column building. Transparent bottle declare the pursuit of simplicity. Car Perfume Bottle A little hermaphrodite, also men and women means. Very confident and sexy. Perfectly symmetrical glass cylinder, in the hands of a smooth, confident meaning. Triangular cylinder like the city has the same extraordinary charm of the city. These car perfume bottles look like the sky in Manhattan, Car Perfume Bottle so can direct your thoughts to modernization. Customers who choose this type of car perfume bottle are smart, have character, and are professionals who may be lawyers or top fashion designers.

 Spiritual triangular, pyramid-shaped and conical car perfume bottle shape, on behalf of a quiet and tranquil life of confidence women. Eternal pure, flowing lines, as soft as water, the design concept is both pleasing, but also put it down, it gives a happy feeling of pleasure. No fancy design. Car Perfume Bottle There is not too tender and beautiful decoration. These car perfume bottles exude spiritual, mysterious and "new era" atmosphere. They appeal to women who are interested in mysterious and supernatural things - the modern version of the 1960s hippies. Car Perfume Bottle Such car perfume bottle interesting, sly, reveals a little charm and a trace of madness. It is designed for young ladies who dare to differentiate themselves from others. Light green car perfume bottle is like a new generation who craves freedom, determined to break through the cage trapped lock. These original high and interesting car perfume bottles make you think of car perfume bottle perfume bottle may be different. Its car perfume bottle shape sexy. But also fun and fun, approachable, not made.

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