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Car Perfume Bottles Are Becoming More And More Diverse

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Car perfume bottle has become a combination of functional and enjoyable works of art, fully embodies its aesthetic value.

From the history of the development of perfume bottles, people have been exploring the use of various materials to produce car perfume bottles.First Egyptians use stone containers to create a variety of shapes of containers containing perfume, such as round belly bottles, heavy high Foot bottles and so on, are exposed, Car Perfume Bottle with flat cork or cloth seal. Various kinds of stone is also used to make these containers, which accounted for the largest proportion of alabaster gypsum. Greek craftsmen are making a series of ceramic containers filled with perfume, Car Perfume Bottle According to the characteristics of the contents of the design of the container, such as sesame oil and perfume containers are not the same, and the Greeks will make a bionic form of containers to fill the perfume.Cetage around the sixth century, small molded pottery invented, the beginning of them Often in the 16th century, Car Perfume Bottle the Venetian craftsmen learned to blow the glass, so the glass can be made into many kinds of shapes, opal glass, gold and silver filament glass, etc. also developed, the car has always been an expensive material, Perfume bottles become more and more beautiful.With the improvement of glass hardness, glass can be cut, carved, color, mosaic, Car Perfume Bottle so that the glass container is more than a variety of traditional forms.

The temperature is getting higher and higher, the cab is hot, in this hot season to keep the car fresh air is particularly important. This time the best helper is the car perfume bottle.

Many owners are willing to put a car in the car perfume bottles, not only to remove the smell, while the perfume bottle perfume personality can also dress up a car, Car Perfume Bottle can be described as two birds with one stone.

Modern perfume after 100 years of progress, evolution, has shown a colorful, changing thousands of scenes. This also confirms the human society, cultural changes, because the human character and the mood of different periods is also changing.

Each perfume can get the favor of different people, Car Perfume Bottle and in the market has its place, can occupy a certain long-term market. Its roots is the fragrance of this personality suddenly.

Perfumers of the original intention is that each fragrance has a specific user groups. So every perfume user should find suitable for their own and similar personality perfume. Let you use this perfume can resonate, highlight your character and character, it is a multiplier effect!

Perfume perfume bottle perfume through continuous innovation, development, Car Perfume Bottle more and more diversified, fashionable, is now the owner can not take a small amount of fresh air to keep the items. Car perfume bottle of personalized, should be the overall style of the interior decoration of the same, otherwise it will appear too abrupt.

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