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Car Perfume Bottles Contain Far-reaching Significance

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

Temperament, such as fragrance in the increasingly personalized today, the elite men's life more and more refined. They car perfume bottle this carrier to interpret a new concept of life and quality, which undoubtedly explain the men of intellectual and emotional appeal, return to the heart of natural yearning. Car Perfume Bottle Men choose men's auto perfume bottles, women pay more attention to the connotation of the brand.

Car perfume bottle flavor is not just a smell, it contains far-reaching significance, and the car perfume bottle is its spokesperson. therefore. Car perfume bottle shape, texture and the aroma of the bottle is equally important. Different car perfume bottles Car perfume bottles reflect the different personality, Car Perfume Bottle from your favorite car perfume bottle design will be able to thoroughly understand your heart.

Professional self-confidence This type of car perfume bottle shape smooth and smooth, elegant, slender, such as high-grade building glass column. Transparent bottle declares the pursuit of simplicity. A little hermaphrodite, also male and female meaning. Very confident, sexy. Perfectly symmetrical glass column, holding in the hands of a smooth, confident meaning. Triangular pillars like the city has the extraordinary charm of the city. Car Perfume Bottle These car perfume bottles look like Manhattan's sky, so it can guide your ideas to modernize. Choose this type of car perfume bottle of the customer smart, character, and is a professional one by one may be a lawyer or senior fashion designer.

Spiritualism triangle, pyramid and conical car perfume bottle shape, on behalf of a calm and quiet, settle down confident woman. Eternal pure, flowing lines, like water as soft, design ideas are both pleasing to the eye, but also people put it down, it gives a happy and happy feeling. Not too fancy design. Nor too tender and beautiful decoration. These car perfume bottles exudate spirituality, mystery and "new era" breath. They can appeal to ladies who are interested in mysterious and supernatural things - the modern version of the hippies of the 1960s. Car Perfume Bottle This type of car perfume bottle is fun, sly, revealing a little charm and a trace of madness. It is designed for the young ladies who are daring to offer a different path. Light green car perfume bottle like a new generation of desire for freedom, determined to break through the cage of the lock. These original high, interesting car perfume bottles make you think of car perfume bottles in the car perfume bottle flavor may be different. Its car perfume bottle looks sexy. But also fun and fun, approachable, never made.

Simple to send simple, no clever. A tiny but powerful statement, dark glass and contrasting strong plastic cover, looks very shocking people, it seems to be a gourd spring. Car perfume bottles and car perfume bottles the same clear, with seamless. Like the perfume bottle of these people do not move for the superficial appearance, refused to pursue fashionable gorgeous. Most of these car perfume bottles are lemon flavor or refreshing aroma of the spirit, Car Perfume Bottle so you will no doubt believe that this car perfume bottle should be fresh and not feminine. They are sloppy, but twisted pendulum gorgeous appearance. Touched with the same open-minded people.

Elegant and elegant square or rectangular car perfume bottles, lines neat, the use of crystal and silver, a symbol of romance and commitment to reflect the modern elegance. This type of car perfume bottle elegant and stable and reliable, most people will expect the bottle of perfume bottle ignorant bottle perfume bottle shape as elegant. Car Perfume Bottle Rich feminine charm, and certainly not faint fragrance. These car perfume bottles all represent noble and colorful and eternal classic. They will attract more traditional conservative customers, do not like surprises or any too avant-garde things noble lady.

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