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China 's Glass Packaging Market Status Quo

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

China's glass packaging market has already launched a printing glass beer bottles and printing glass beverage bottles, printing white wine bottles and printing wine bottles are also becoming a trend. This is the fine pattern and trademark printed on the surface of the glass bottles of new products have been used for many beer and beverage production enterprises, such as beer companies are Tsingtao Brewery Group, China Resources Beer Group, Yanjing Beer Group, etc .; beverage companies have Coca-Cola Companies, Pepsi-Cola Company, Hongbao Levin companies, etc .; wine companies have Changyu Group, Longkou Veyron companies.

The glass glaze used in the pattern of the printed glass bottle is integrated with the glass, but its inherent glass properties also determine the number of times the use of glass is limited to seven times, too many re-use will bring adverse consequences. And after the decal glass bottle can only be used once, its pattern is not complete, but also because of its decal material after high temperature curing inherent in the acid and alkali resistance and erosion characteristics of the decision.

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