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Cleaning Tips For Essential Oil Bottles

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

The choice of essential oil bottles you do not know!

First, unilateral essential oils are generally selected more than 10 ml, such as 5 ml, 10 ml. Compound essential oils are generally more than 10 ml.

Second, the packaging of essential oils and essential oils of essential oils bottle color selection dark dark, can reduce the evaporation of essential oils.

Third, the choice of caps, according to the use of different methods can choose with drip or plastic head dropper.

Fourth, the supplier must be able to support the entire package of products, Essential Oil Bottle so as to avoid multiple suppliers get goods caused by the lid and the bottle with the lack of leakage and so on.

Fifth, the quality must be good, whether it is a bottle or a lid. Product quality to be high.

Six, the oil bottle printing logo, printing methods are silk and bronzing. Silk screen has a high temperature silk screen and low temperature silk screen, Essential Oil Bottle high temperature silk screen is relatively strong, relatively low temperature is easy to fall out.

Essential oil bottles We use a lot of tools every day to go to clean. For some things used to want to re-use when cleaning up a lot of trouble, always feel that there will be washed not clean feeling, Essential Oil Bottle and for essential oils, wash more difficult, and the taste is difficult to clean.

Method / step

1, the first oil used up, with a good absorbent paper pad in the bottle, so that the bottle upside down on the top, about a day or so. Inside the remaining oil will flow down.

2, with tweezers and then sandwiched oil-absorbing paper to wipe the inside of the bottle, again, and then wipe with toilet paper again, the basic things can be wiped off the surface.

3, with detergent on the water, and then poured into the bottle, Essential Oil Bottle covered with caps and then shake, and then placed about 15 minutes, drained, and then added to, repeated 3 times, washed with water.

4, and then wipe the inner wall of the bottle with a paper towel, open the lid on the window or ventilated place to ventilate, if you can use the hair dryer directly blowing, do not hot wind.

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