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Design Of Perfume Bottle

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Now the perfume bottle design is more and more artistic temperament, crystal clear bottle body like a piece of exquisite glass bottles. For some collectors, Perfume Bottle the flavor of fragrance is relegated to second place, and it is the reason for the big wallet to attract the attractive appearance of people at first sight.

The perfume bottle includes the bottle body and its top face, and the jar which matches the jar, the bottle body is provided with a water absorbing core, and a decorative flower is fixedly connected at the top of the cap, which is characterized in that: the top surface of the bottle body has a volatile hole, Perfume Bottle wherein one end of the suction core is arranged in a volatile hole. The volatile hole is opened on the top of the bottle body, rather than directly on the bottle cap, so the perfume in the evaporation process will not fully contact the decorative flowers on the cap, Perfume Bottle and make the decorative flowers not easy to change color deterioration.

The glass cube of a perfume bottle is lined with vertical lines. The perfume bottle is shiny with a rich metallic sheen, and a new interpretation is made with thin, transparent glass. It has been prepared by the same incense master, for the first time to add a highly concentrated rose pure dew, Perfume Bottle so that the perfume exudes a rare freshness feeling.

Perfume bottle Body Glow transparent nude, such as skin-like texture. Perfume Bottle The bottle lid is crystal clear and pure, make people feel fresh. The design of the outer package is inspired by the elegant charm of the young woman's skin. The Pearly Color pink outer packing box shows the perfume bottle bright nude tone and the glamour radiant tone.

How to get rid of the scent in the perfume bottle

1, wash with hot water and detergent several times. If the flavor has not been removed, proceed to step 2.

2, add a little salt or baking soda, add hot water, Perfume Bottle sit for a few hours, then rinse with warm waters.

3, if still have taste, go to drugstore to buy external use alcohol, inject static overnight. If it's a perfume bottle that smells great, it can be a little longer.

4, add water in the pot, soak the perfume bottle in, let it completely not in the water. Boil, cook for about 15 minutes, then remove the static cooling.


In the fourth method, do not pour cold water on a very hot perfume bottle, Perfume Bottle be careful to burst the perfume bottle.

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