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Essential Oil Bottles Have A Strong Resistance To Pressure

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Essential oil bottle beautiful color, beautiful appearance, supporting the various types of lid to ensure that the seal to ensure that essential oils do not evaporate, 100% do not leak essential oils, no oxidation, no burst.

With a strong resistance to compression, impact; model variety; narrow mouth / wide mouth, round / square than the glass medium economy, more safe and durable. Essential Oil Bottle By radiation sterilization, no heat, safe and transparent. Essential oil glass bottles have a wide range of uses, no biological toxicity, can be used to hold aqueous solution or short-term preservation medium. Has a wide range of uses, no biotoxicity, Essential Oil Bottle can be used to hold aqueous solution or short-term preservation medium. Can be used in frozen storage in the freezer.

How to identify the quality of essential oil bottles

Essential oil because of its easy oxidation characteristics, so the packaging requirements are very strict, so the oil bottles are generally selected dark bottles. First said that the real pure essential oil (100%), raw material suppliers are basically with aluminum cans to install unilateral essential oils (whether domestic or imported). Aluminum cans the smallest one kilogram, there are 5 kg 10 kg, Essential Oil Bottle the maximum number is not very understanding. But because purely unilateral oil prices are relatively high (domestic and imported or there is not a big gap), so 5 kg and 10 kg of the more common (for manufacturers). But for the essential oil producers, the general use of the oil bottle is a glass bottle, mainly because the aluminum cans expensive (and now also a small capacity of aluminum cans).

Briefly introduce the glass bottle. The same glass bottles of different manufacturers prices are not the same, the domestic and imported and not the same. Frankly speaking, Essential Oil Bottle the quality of foreign oil bottles is better than the domestic, domestic better recognized is the elegance of Shanghai (but unfortunately the Japanese factory), Beijing's Witton and Tianjin Fidelity compared to personal feeling or to almost. In general, identify the oil bottle first look at the weight, the same specifications of the oil bottle is relatively heavy. Second, look at the bottom of the essential oil bottle to determine whether it is automatic mold (automatic mold than the manual model of the oil bottle is relatively good), automatic mold bottle bottom has a depression of the hole, Essential Oil Bottle different manufacturers look like a hole, Squarely. Finally, look at the uniformity of the oil bottle, the oil bottle will turn against the light source, a good oil bottle can clearly see the light will not be scattered, the light scattered that the bottle wall is not uniform. Essential oil bottles can also be identified in the same way.

How to clean the oil bottle?

Every day a lot of tools are used to clean. For some things used to want to re-use when cleaning up a lot of trouble, always feel that there will be a clean feeling of washing, Essential Oil Bottle and for essential oils, wash up more difficult, and the taste is difficult to clean.

1 first after the use of essential oils, with a good absorbent paper in the bottle, so that the oil bottle upside down on the top, about a day or so. Inside the remaining oil will flow down.

2 with tweezers and then sandwiched oil-absorbing paper to wipe the inside of the oil bottle, again, and then wipe with toilet paper again, the basic things can be wiped off the surface.

3 with detergent on the water, and then poured into the oil bottle, cover the cap and then shake, and then placed about 15 minutes, drained, and then added, repeated 3 times, Essential Oil Bottle washed with water.

4 and then wipe the inner wall of the oil bottle with a paper towel, open the lid on the window or ventilated place to ventilate, if you can use the hair dryer directly blowing, do not hot wind.

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