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Glass Bottle

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017
´╗┐In addition to glass bottles as bottles, perfume bottles, medicine bottles, many times the role of glass bottles plant products, it is a common item of infants and young children ---- glass bottles, but also by many parents love.

Of course, in the market competition so intense today, in order to win the ultimate advantage, their own must have the advantage of trust, glass bottle is because it has other products can not go beyond the advantages, and thus only the majority of consumers choose. The bottle is one of the most important survivors of infants and young children.

A good bottle can ensure the healthy growth of infants and young children, and if you encounter poor quality bottle, it may pose a threat to the health of the baby, serious and even harm the growth of the baby's life. In this sense, the choice of the bottle is essential. Parents in the selection process, the first consideration is certainly the quality of the problem. Now on the market a lot of material made of the bottle although there are a variety of assurance instructions, but as a parent, or inevitably to worry about. Therefore, the glass bottle came into being. Glass made of bottle has many advantages.

First, the transparent material, is conducive to the use of the process to observe the number of water level. Glass thermal conductivity is good, so parents can be very flexible to grasp the water temperature, to avoid injury to the baby.

In addition, the smooth appearance of the glass, can avoid injury to the baby's fragile skin. Also, glass bottles have high chemical stability and do not produce harmful substances.

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