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Glass Bottles Are Not Just Doing Containers

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

Glass bottles are packed in a wide range of fields, beverages, food, cosmetics, medicine. Many people think that glass bottles are just a container, in fact, it is not just a container, how to say it, a lot of time, in fact, glass bottles bear the packaging at the same time, also play a role in other functions.

We first talk about the role of glass bottles in the wine packaging, we all know that wine is almost all use glass bottles, and the color is dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottle can play a role in protecting the quality of wine, to avoid the wine due to light causes deterioration, to protect the wine better storage. Let's talk about essential oil glass bottles, in fact, easy to play essential oils, light requirements are also very strict, therefore, essential oil glass bottles to protect the oil is not volatile.

And glass bottles can increase the shelf life of food, medicinal brown glass bottles can protect the decomposition of drugs in the sun, these are glass bottles are not only the production of glass containers, it is a lot of role.

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