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Good Sealing Performance Of Refined Oil Bottle

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

Refined oil bottles are mainly used to hold the essential oils of the glass bottle, the main feature of the refined bottle is good sealing performance, so as to ensure that essential oil is not volatile, Essential Oil Bottle the essential oils have a certain degree of mechanical strength, can withstand the pressure in the bottle and the process of transport external forces.

Refined oil bottles in the life of a wide range of applications, but there are many people do not know how to use the essential oil bottles?

1. Open the refined oil bottle method: Because of the use of safety switches to prevent children from opening the risk. Please press the CAP first, then turn on the lid, the lid on the direct rotation of the cover can be locked, this is the relief of essential oil design.

2. Before using the small funnel in the mouth, and then pour the favorite essential oil about 6 minutes, you can also use 2 or 3 different essential oils mixed into the incense bottle, Essential Oil Bottle the blending of the flavor, there will be different mood.

3. Then put the core cotton thread in the bottle, after 20 minutes of vaporization essential oil completely penetrate core heart and head, the next step can be followed. Essential Oil Bottle Because it can protect the head and easy to ignite the core.

4.20 minutes later, use a lighter or a match to ignite the head of the Wick please remember to place the incense bottles of the vaporized essential oil in a safe and stable place, and before ignition can be placed in the ignition place farther away to avoid danger after the fall.

5. When the flame is ignited, the flame will be changed from small to large, do not touch, Essential Oil Bottle so as not to burn. At this point the flame will burn for 5 minutes and vaporize the vaporized essential oil in the incense lamp so that the aroma spreads.

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