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How To Identify The Glass Bottle Production Process

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

1. Port die and glass bottle mold line line process is consistent, that is, in a straight line, and hand machine is not necessarily in a straight line.

2. Bottled glass bottom of the glass bottle at the end of the production of clear, artificial machine is not clear is not obvious.

3. Glass bottle at the bottom of the handmade machine can not see the bulk of the first printed, and the ranks of the pipeline process can be seen that the bulk of the bulk of India.

4. Take a few glass bottles together, the process line of the bottle is neat, even the angle of reflection are very consistent, hand machine bottle appears to be uneven surface.

5. Because the hand machine is water cooling, and the pipeline process is the combination of air and wind cooling, so the glass bottle bottle to produce the finish of the ranks of the process than the handmade machine smooth, average, bottle wall clear, transparent, the overall Feel more on the grade.

6. At the lowest starting price of artificial machines than the number of pipeline orders to be lower, the production line for large orders, so the investment in the mold fee is relatively expensive.

7. In the glass bottle product price ranks the price of the machine than the artificial machine higher.

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