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Nail Polish Bottle Cleaning Method

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

How to clean the nail polish bottle

The first step: ready to clean the bottle of oil, unloading armor, clean cotton also prepared.

The second step: with a clean cotton covered with nail polish, with a clean cotton wrapped in a bottle of oil

Step 3: Tighten the nail polish cover back to the bottle.

Step 4: Then unscrew the lid

Step 5: Finally wipe clean with a clean cotton bottle of oil on the clean and clean it!

Wash the nail polish with a nail polish.

The main function of nail polish is to remove the remaining nail polish on the nail, Nail Polish Bottle also called to light water, net a liquid.

For those who love nail polish, wash water is a very important partner. A good wash water to have a remover fast, Nail Polish Bottle no pungent smell, not to hurt the nails, and even nourish nails function.

Poor wash water is a very low cost of industrial banana water, although clean and fast, but will nail and human health caused great harm. Professional brand of nail polish in the development will also take into account the cleaning and protection, to minimize the damage, or even no harm, the nail and the body are good.

Nail polish bottle dry mouth, and can not open how to do?

The first category is that we often use ordinary nail polish: that is the case, add these organic solvents, you can make nail polish thinning. But need to pay attention to is: acetone, ethyl acetate are flammable hazardous chemicals, generally only the chemical reagents shop was sold, there is no small package, Nail Polish Bottle buy a little trouble.As a compromise approach, you can nail polish Add a small amount of acetone, ethyl acetate, but can only be a small amount, can not add too much. How to judge they contain acetone, ethyl acetate? You can smell: Acetone has a taste similar to the apple is about to rot; Ethyl acetate also has a taste similar to the banana is about to rot. If you smell such a taste, then it is not too ten is containing acetone, ethyl acetate. For natural water-based nail polish, such as cosmay natural nail polish, the problem is much easier. In the case of nail polish, Nail Polish Bottle the bottle is not sealed, the water will evaporate into the air, especially in the summer. Then you use two or three times after the cosmay natural nail polish, if you find it thicker, then you can drop a drop of water into, shake on it; after a while, and then found thickening, plus a drop of water until Run out, your nail polish will not do myself :) Of course, if you are not afraid of hard to find, you can also buy a bottle of specialized nail polish dilution, generally dozens of dollars ~

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