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Novel Unique Design Of Emulsion Bottle

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Emulsion bottles can be used in the user only two different liquids mixed into a two-way emulsion bottle, including shell, liquid tank, suction pump and press head, which is characterized in that a positioning block with two holes, two suction pump of the reservoir of the neck, respectively, Lotion Bottle into the two holes in the positioning block, The two liquid tank is placed inside the casing so that the lower part of the shell is stuck in the lower part of the two liquid tanks respectively. The outer edge of the locating block is arranged in the upper limit bar of the enclosure, and the outlet of the suction pump on the two liquid tanks is communicated with the outlet channel of the press head respectively.

The emulsion bottle is a plastic bottle, a glass bottle or a rubber bottle, the emulsion bottle comprises a bottle body, a bottle mouth, a bottom and a pressure device, Lotion Bottle wherein the air pressure device is arranged at the upper part of the bottle body, wherein the air pressure device comprises a nozzle and a straw connected with the nozzle, wherein the straw is arranged inside the bottle body under the nozzle, The straw is a flexible hose which can be bent or bent into a certain shape, and a groove is arranged at the bottom of the bottle body. Lotion Bottle The groove is a circular arc, conical, inverted triangle, and the surface of the bottle body is designed with a patterned fluorescent layer, wherein the patterned fluorescence layer is a plastic fluorescent film with a profile of the emulsion condition or other pattern pattern. The invention can extrude the liquid in the bottle by extruding way, Lotion Bottle does not need to carry the bottle lid or picks up the emulsion bottle to pour the liquid, at the same time, designs the fluorescent layer on the bottle body surface, the novelty is unique, the bottle is beautiful and generous.

The emulsion bottle comprises a bottle body, an inner liner mounted inside the bottle body, and a pump head cover on the inner liner port through a threaded connection, through the pump head cover and sealed with the pump head cover fixed connection of the pump core, fixed connected to the upper end of the pump head of the nozzle; also includes an outer cover connected with the outer wall of the pump hood, Lotion Bottle the cover above the outer cover, and the outer cover, The beads are fixedly connected with the cover; The bead is in a hollow hemisphere shape, and the lower end of the bead is formed with a circular tube-shaped socket ring. Lotion Bottle The outer wall of the inserting collar is formed with a chuck, and the outer cover and the cover plate are formed with a circular hole which is matched with the outer diameter of the inserting ring, and the outer cover and the cover piece are clamped between the lower part and the head of the bead. The inner wall of the circular hole of the outer cover and the cover plate is formed with a notch, Lotion Bottle the outer wall of the socket ring is formed with a locating bar which is matched with the notch, and the bead is made of transparent plastic, and the outer wall of the bead is a smooth spherical surface, and the inner wall of the bead is tightly connected by the refraction plane of the plurality of triangles.

As the preferred scheme: the bottle body is located at the mouth of the inner wall forming a mounting step, Lotion Bottle the upper outer circumference of the inner liner is arranged on the mounting step, and the outer wall of the bottle body located at the bottle mouth is connected with a shoulder buckle, wherein the shoulder buckle is compacted on the bottle.

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