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Perfume Bottle Design

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Women love fragrance, and many times love fragrance in addition to its fragrant taste, and that unique design, laughing mom today to introduce you to several perfume bottles, looking at such a good perfume bottle, there is no immediate possession of it The impulse?

Hidden in this snow glass ball perfume bottle is a charming citrus flavor, Perfume Bottle drifting away with white tan jade petals, sweet diffuse.

In 2010 for the first time launched called "crime" perfume. The net content of the package 100 ml, containing two bottles of each 50 ml of handcuffs perfume, the middle chain with its attached. Perfume Bottle The smell of its bergamot and lemon is suitable for casual occasions, but also with sandalwood and cedar fragrance.

Pink grapefruit and vanilla flavor Too Too Pretty bring the fragrance of flowers.

This kind of provocative temptation pondering smell was launched before the 2008 holiday. She is made up of fruity - the fruit of the bergamot fragrance, peach, apple, citrus, pear, Perfume Bottle cranberry and Annona. With the orchids, valleys lilies, cyclamen, jasmine petals, blackberries, plums, vanilla and red vinegar leaves and buds for the tune, and then adjust the gold amber, alcohol and musk and the fragrance of sweet potatoes.

This perfume bottle / jewelry design can be through the human skin heat stimulation, so that continuous ventilation that is the spread of fragrance possible. She has a fresh and fruity citrus fragrance with a taste of wood, vanilla and musk. After the opening is the taste of oranges, oranges and grapefruit. In the tone of Tieri and Bourbon vanilla, with white wood and white musk for the later adjustment.

It is said to be the only perfume in the world with different perfume bottles of different perfume. The design of the bottle is buds, buds, blooming flowers, different forms of flowers representing different periods of women.

Perfume bottle "look at the appearance" This thing is unrelated to age, each girl looks good things are completely no resistance. Pressure plate beautiful blush, Perfume Bottle limited edition eye shadow, designer cooperation style, see beautiful things, you will be girls heart burst, shouted: "really want!" Even buy perfume, and sometimes really only Because the bottle looks good.

Perfume bottle packaging to retain the original fragrance soft and soft tone and pearl edge, and perfume bottle decorated with colorful petals rain, brought the spring as soft colors. This is a more fresh, exudes a spring-like limited edition perfume, so that the dream perfume series is more abundant.

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