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Perfume Bottle Design Concept

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

In all materials, the glass is the most suitable for the perfume, it will not produce any chemical effect of the liquid and lead to fragrance tone, its cap is more compact, conducive to lock flavor. Perfumes and glass bottles became regulars on women's dressers until the late 19th century. 20th century, perfume bottle design to speed up the trend of changing the frequency.

In the first decade of the twentieth century, the Art Nouveau movement reached its peak, and the perfume bottle was full of whim. The most commonly used form is the brook of flowers. For example, L.T Piver in 1905 designed Floramye perfume, cork is crystal, purple butterfly orchid with gold flower body decoration, Perfume Bottle carving is very beautiful. This period of perfume bottles often use cork, the perfume like wine storage.

In 1907, the spray bottle was born, the bottle outside the connection of a balloon, according to pinch the balloon, perfume liquid sprayed out. Perfume Bottle A spray perfume called De Vilbis was very popular at the time, it has a generally smooth shape of the glass, at the top "out" a few transparent glass flowers, slender ears fall in the balloon tail. This design now seems somewhat outdated and cumbersome, but just to meet the people at the time of the "feminization" of the reverie.

The 1920s, a war makes the European beauty industry recession, Perfume Bottle the United States to become a perfume manufacturing power. The new perfume bottle design reflects the beauty of the Hollywood style of extravagance. While in Europe, the popularity of decorative arts and the inspiration of urban life inspired the designers.

The arrival of the Great Depression to make perfume sales plummeted. Which makes a lot of over-designed perfume bottles disappear in the market. Some perfume brands simplify the perfume bottle, choose to spend on paper packaging. Perfume bottle re-revival to wait until the late 1940s, the end of World War II. This time, Perfume Bottle the glass blow molding process to the grave, perfume bottle design changes reflect the people's pursuit of personality, metal, plastic and other materials, hand-painted, enamel and other decorative began to rise.

The perfume bottle design of the 1950s was influenced by the vigorous modern art movement. Perfume manufacturers have become sponsors of expressionism and surrealist artists. Perfume Bottle Artist Salvador Dali has designed Elsa Schiaparelli and Marquay perfume bottles.

Perfume bottle design, he used the abstract black and red patterns, very conceptual. And in the Le Roy Soleil bottle designed for the friend Xia Bo Li Li, Perfume Bottle Dali will be golden sunset, bird's pattern, through their own visual improvement, the use of them.

Swing of the 1960s, people love the perfume bottle is beautiful lines, bright colors. Ten years later, independent and powerful female image sought after. Then, Perfume Bottle the strong musk won a place in the fragrance world. Such as Houbigant's musk, in the bottle design, the heavy metal and neutral as a theme. This period of perfume bottle stopper is replaced by a screw cap, the bottle is bigger - modern women in the fragrance of perfume should also show the exclusion of Fang Qiu heroic temperament.

Perfume bottle design in the 1990s also conform to the simple style tide. With the development of the outsourcing industry, perfume bottle production has moved to the developing countries. Perfume Bottle Designer fashion brand wave of the rise of the designer perfume was once popular. The most classic than Calvin Klein launched a series of perfume, the bottle is like a ready to open a small drink bottle; or Miyake launched a lifetime of "water of life", with spring water lily and oriental flowers spread Zen, bottle Is empty and elongated tower shape.

After the advent of the 21st century perfume bottle is strange, it is difficult to find common. But there is no indisputable, perfume more and more brand "cash cow" category, more and more people want to share in it. Star red half-way out of school fashion design, difficulty coefficient is too high, it is better to design a modeling eye-catching perfume to be easy. Among them, Lady Gaga design of the Fame be regarded as the leader: black oval-shaped bottle, golden beetle-shaped cover. As well as hip hop female singers introduced Pink Friday - perfume bottle with her exactly the same.

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