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Perfume Bottle Design Features

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

With the human demand for consumer goods more and more harsh, in addition to the product features, quality, capacity and other basic things, color, packaging, Perfume Bottle bottle and other aspects of the promotion of sales also play an increasingly important role. Chanel No. 5 perfume has a unique product support and complete quality assurance team, whether it is enough. Chanel lady that is not perfect, but also in the perfume bottle design once again enhance the Chanel No. 5 perfume, so that it is completely independent of the high-end perfume of the forest, issued their own strong dazzling and unruly light.

Ms. Chanel, who was born with a fashion designer, also decided to insist on the perfume of the chanel brand and had a distinct talent and excellent view in the bottle-shaped design: "My aesthetic point of view is different from others: , And I am a deduction. "It is this reason to make the perfume bottle simple shape design in the same period of perfume works inside, become the most strange one, because in all the most complicated and beautiful Things perfume bottle inside, only Chanel No. 5 perfume like a bottle of smooth yang bottle. Perfume Bottle But this simple, the formation of a new aesthetic force successfully scored the ladies ladies elegant heart, they finally do not have to throw in the flashy wealth, but can be simple and powerful perfume bottle design, find valuable Texture.

And perfume bottles are shaped like a gem-like shape of the cap, transparent crystal square shape, lines neat, "CHANEL" and "N ° 5" black font appears on the white above, impressive. But in advocating the rich and prosperous at the time, many people are not optimistic about this looks like a bottle of medicine cans of perfume, and even some have seen Chanel No. 5 perfume fashion experts, that Chanel wife's life will lose the reputation of This bottle of "shabby" in the bottle. The results they did not think that this bottle had not optimistic about their perfume, Perfume Bottle the popular time in the world, even longer than their long life.

Well, the above is the characteristics of Chanel perfume bottle design. Through the above for the characteristics of Chanel perfume bottle design analysis, I hope you have a relatively deep understanding. If you need perfume bottle design can also be a product Witkey network to release your task, so that millions of Watson for you to complete.

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