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Perfume Bottle Design More And More Artistic Temperament

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Perfume bottle as this year's collection of upstart, to the nostalgic boys and girls to provide a variety of memories can be sent to the node. Just as every bottle of perfume has its story, when these perfume bottles come to the hands of thousands of people in the world, they are given a second life.

Age: Generally speaking, Perfume Bottle the sooner the production of perfume bottles on the more collection and appreciation of part-time, this and all the same collection.

Origin: different origin of the perfume bottle records of different rural folk, enjoy them, can feel the different cultural atmosphere.

Material: glass and crystal is the main raw material for perfume bottle design. Can focus on the collection of a certain type of perfume bottle.

Decoration: Exquisite design plays a decisive role in the visual field. Perfume Bottle Visual art and olfactory art have the same value.

Now perfume bottle design more and more artistic temperament, crystal clear bottle like a piece of exquisite glass bottles. For some collectors, the taste of fragrance relegated to second, Perfume Bottle people at first sight of the glamorous appearance is to attract their big pocket reason.

Perfume bottle design

Good perfume should be unusual, not weird, have a strong personality, can make people remember, and is dynamic and strength, mellow aroma is gradually distributed out, will not interrupt, spread well, there is endurance , The aroma is stable, the atmosphere fragrant lingering. At the same time, Perfume Bottle but also have a unique perfume bottle and perfume packaging, the formation of organic unity, giving a noble, elegant sense. The aroma of the air can not be left through the packaging, but the good design will make people feel the taste of the air. Perfume packaging shape, color, structure, text and auxiliary image design, can impress the viewer's sense of smell, as if to distinguish the smell of perfume in the air.

Women are not the only customers of perfume. In foreign countries, Perfume Bottle men's fragrance occupies the shelf 2/5 position, so, can not ignore the male perfume market. Due to the traditional definition of the different men and women, so that the use of perfume also has a distinction between custom, men and women on the smell of different preferences, men with perfume perfume than women more light, do not reveal traces. Perfume Bottle Men and women perfume packaging is also very different from the packaging, modeling, color can be identified on the out. Eastern and Western people feel different taste of perfume, the West more women like the rich hot aroma, immersed in the heart, sultry heart, people feel gorgeous light. The Oriental women like fresh and elegant aroma, it is tracing to find, free and easy, like the fragrance of people feel relaxed and natural, comfortable. Two kinds of style perfume, Perfume Bottle each with charming charm, can be through the packaging of color, shape and other forms of performance.

Women's fragrance packaging, whether from the bottle type, color, or packaging design, should be consistent with the characteristics of perfume itself. Such as: some female perfume performance is romantic, gentle and sexy; some pursuit of elegant decent, delicate, quiet, harmonious; some performance noble, elegant; also some innocent, lovely, fresh, full of confidence and happiness. Such as: "CoCo" perfume. Perfume Bottle The performance of the Xilian, extremely accurate and full of confidence in the idea. Its perfume bottle is simple and modern, gold (information, quotes) ratio of the bottle design, pure and refined lines, the cap on the twenty-six diamond cutting surface reflects the bright light, completely subvert the traditional aesthetic Concept, Perfume Bottle making this perfume bottle into a modern art of the classic works, it was the 1959 New York Metropolitan Museum of the best bottle design award, is still in the New York Metropolitan Museum. Another is: "flower of water" female perfume, fragrance inspired by the story of the mysterious garden in Japan, which is a want to pass a transparent texture of perfume, so the use of water to interpret the crystal clear crystal clear, its bottle Designed to capture the water lines and water droplets of the movement. Water is the "flower of the water," the origin, so the water droplets and flying girl in the water has become the composition of the bottle, fine, Perfume Bottle such as art sculpture of the bottle, fully embodies the feminine soft, sympathetic, it is worth Fine taste and collection of works of art.

Men's fragrance gives a simple, elegant, harmonious sense. It is more rigorous shape, heavy, the use of more straight lines, full of masculinity of the gas. Men's perfume design, style and diverse, some for the creativity, vitality, love life, romantic and decent man design, and thus some of the design is vigorous, classical, elegant, but some are back to basics, leisure and easy of.

Men's fragrance, perfume bottle design from the old man essential things, flat gunpowder, its shape is suitable for men's hand, it is for the love of travel, fantasy of the future design of men, is brave, smart, rich Adventure fully embodies, it is both essential and balanced, both traditional and modern rationality, both far and near, it is pure, natural atmosphere, loved by men.

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