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Perfume Bottle Of Plastic Arts

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

In the world of perfume, vision and smell are equally important. Perfume bottles and packaging design contains the designer's artistic talent. A good perfume, if there is no unique perfume bottle design, even if perfect, can not win the favor of most people. But also because of this, perfume bottle of plastic arts will have such a brilliant scene today, Perfume Bottle and perfume bottle has become a valuable collection.

Each perfume bottle is filled with fashion style, each perfume bottle pictures are blooming breathtaking dazzling brilliance, through the perfume bottle design picture appreciation, giving the impression of noble and beautiful. Sometimes perfume is not just the smell of smell that smell, as well as that delicate perfume bottle design, also captured a lot of ladies heart. Modern perfume designer in the perfume bottle design put more effort, Perfume Bottle is designed to have a good smell of aroma and unique perfume bottle perfume.

In the real world, perfume bottle design of the bottle can reflect the current life form. On the fashion point of view, most of the two popular and slender lines of simple clothes, think of perfume bottle, but also to simple and slender lines, environmentally friendly materials and building-related design, popular for the mainstream. But concise is not equivalent to simple monotony. Too simple bottle is not easy to lasting, you will be lost when you run out. But simple and unique lines of beauty perfume bottle, how can you not be willing to throw away, Perfume Bottle like the old-fashioned jealousy perfume.

International design master Mark Rosen said: "perfume bottle design is my passion where my eyes see the world is composed of different shapes of perfume bottles.

Perfume bottle design is done by Ernest Bova, the rectangular bottle cap is cut into the shape of the emerald gem, Founder of the line of the bottle, the label is black and white without any decoration. The perfume bottle design fully reflects the Chanel style, simple, pure and effective, consistent with the spirit of modern people, impressive, it was selected in 1959 as a contemporary outstanding works of art, Perfume Bottle are now displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York The

Compared to the feminine perfume, men perfume bottle design gives a simple, elegant, harmonious feeling. So it is more rigorous shape, heavy, the use of more straight lines, full of masculinity. Men's fragrance design, style and diverse, some for the creative, dynamic, love life, romantic and decent man design, and thus designed to be vigorous, classical, elegant, but also back to nature, leisure and easy shape design.

Now the internationalization of modeling symbols will also be an important trend in product design in the future. Because the information contained in the product is consistent with its own function and the user's wishes. But in many cases, the designer's intention can not be correctly understood by the user, resulting in the wrong identification and operation. Therefore, product modeling should be able to convey enough information to accurately express the organic link between content and form. This product is expensive and worth it. Perfume Bottle In the past, the exchange of products between countries often requires lengthy instructions, and good product design can be visual symbols to simple and clear description of the characteristics of the product, to avoid the interference caused by text and language barriers. Therefore, the internationalization of modeling symbols will also be an important trend in the future perfume bottle design.

Good perfume, the temptation of people not only smell, as well as vision. Design perfume perfume bottle of visual impact in fact than olfactory temptation to one step earlier to seize the customer's heart. That a small styling bottle is not just a small container of fragrance, in today, Perfume Bottle it has become a worthy collection of works of art. The above is Xiaobian today for everyone to bring perfume bottle design picture appreciation, I hope you like.

See good-looking perfume bottle can not help but want to buy buy

The perfume bottle is decorated with colorful petals, bringing spring-like soft colors. This is a more fresh, exudes a spring-like limited edition perfume, so that the dream perfume series is more abundant. Perfume bottle excellent self-innovation ability. She is a classic and a dream of essential goods, it is fickle, but the most easy to identify, Nina story of each new chapter are presented in different faces in front of. Its lines, colors and materials have been re-transformation.

Has a specially designed perfume bottle, will be particularly attractive, it seems that this perfume and a more charm. We not only love her inside the perfume, but also appreciate the shape of her bottle. Xiao Bian collected 10 beautifully designed perfume, perfume bottle collection control must see ah.

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