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Perfume Bottles Are Specially Designed

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

With the rapid development of the network, the power of online shopping is rapid, this year's double one hundred and thirty-five million of the transaction volume has shown its traditional sales channels difficult to reach the height. More and more traditional enterprises have started to switch to electricity business channels. Cosmetics companies are also important participants. For perfume cosmetics manufacturers, online shopping opportunities have brought some new challenges.

Online shopping perfume is required through the courier from the perfume sales business hands express to the hands of consumers. In this process, because a large part of the perfume are perfume bottles. Perfume bottles on the one hand is the traditional perfume bottle packaging, the other side of the perfume bottle compared to other materials for some packaging, perfume manufacturers more perfume for perfume high-end luxury packaging needs.

However, perfume bottles are fragile, due to the delivery of the various transport links involved is very complicated. Perfume bottles in such a courier process is very easy to break. How to solve this packaging problem is very important. We believe that perfume bottle manufacturers on the one hand in the glass material to be improved. So that perfume bottles become more broken, on the other hand can be added in the transport process of some vacuum bags and other things make perfume bottle is not easy to crash.

Perfume bottle to blew the design debut. Perfume Bottle Painted white paint the bottle, very bright, covered with large and small dots, they continue to jump, criss-crossing.

Perfume bottle excellent self-innovation ability. She is a classic and a dream of essential goods, it is fickle, but the most easy to identify, Perfume Bottle different faces present. Its lines, colors and materials have been re-transformation. The new world explores through different creative or artistic collaborations

In the rounded rhyme perfume bottle body, carved with a signature flower pattern. It is the pattern of the daisy petals (Jenny's favorite daughter's name, the meaning of daisies in French), to remind the female customers, rhyme fragrance also from the rhyme family.

And the rhyme perfume on the cap, the top of the rhyme perfume bottle decorated with a rose diamonds, the following are two intertwined in the bottleneck of the platinum ring, a symbol of love between people. Through the perfume bottle can be seen crystal clear rose fragrance

Has a specially designed perfume bottle, Perfume Bottle will be particularly attractive, it seems that this perfume and a more charm. We not only love her inside the perfume, but also appreciate the shape of her bottle.

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