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PET Plastic Bottle Packaging High Temperature Of The Upgrade

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

At present, PET plastic bottles in the market is very widely used, beverages, food, cosmetics and other fields. However, people in the industry know that PET plastic bottles to withstand the high temperature is limited, that is, if the ambient temperature is too high, PET plastic bottle packaging materials will endanger the safety of food and other products, the release of harmful substances, need to be marked Question mark.

In fact, plastic bottle packaging products in many cases will be subject to high temperature test. We have repeatedly mentioned the edible oil plastic bottles, spices plastic bottles, because people used to put it on the stove and so often encountered high temperature baked environment. There are also mineral water bottles in the summer car. These are people used to want consumers to change these habits, to adapt to the plastic bottle of high temperature tolerance, is clearly unreasonable.

Therefore, for PET plastic bottle packaging, to enhance the heat resistance of plastic bottles, that is, high temperature performance is very important to enhance. If the relevant manufacturers in this area can be improved, then, will win a lot of market share.

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