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Place The Perfume Bottle Of The Car

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Car perfume purchase the most basic two points is the choice of fragrance and perfume bottle selection, for the choice of fragrance we have introduced many times, and here to tell you how to choose the car perfume bottle. Today's car perfume bottles are not as simple as usual, Car Perfume Bottle both from the appearance or material have a lot of improvement, and variety of species, that you can think of the market can be found above. Faced with so many models of car perfume bottles, we may be confused, do not know what the choice of what, Car Perfume Bottle but not clear which is the most suitable for their own.

Selection of car perfume bottles

1. Our car perfume is bought to be placed in the car, so we have to according to our models, car style, color, etc. to choose. If our model belongs to the kind of generous type, then we can choose a noble car perfume bottle, and if you choose a cartoon type car perfume bottle is a bit nondescript. Car Perfume Bottle If our model is ladies type, then we can choose an elegant type of car perfume bottle. If sometimes you can not determine what kind of models, then the easiest way is to choose a car standard car perfume seat, this is the most simple, but also the most useful way to choose a perfume bottle.

2. We can choose according to some of their own characteristics, or according to their own preferences to choose, if we like to see what the animation, then you can choose some cartoon-type perfume bottle, if we love football, you can choose some And football-related perfume bottles. Car Perfume Bottle If we are more interested in the crystal, you can choose crystal car perfume seat, if we are more interested in the collection, not to a purple car perfume seat to try.

Place the perfume bottle

Car perfume to buy one, the next is installed, although the car only 2 cubic meters, but for a car perfume is still a considerable "big" space, then, in such a "big" space, we should Where is the car perfume? Generally if the hanging can be hung next to the rearview mirror, if your car perfume seat metal feeling is stronger, you'd better not on the dashboard above, otherwise the sun will be reflected to the eyes, Car Perfume Bottle so that your eyes golden, Seriously interfere with traffic view. Airbag should not be placed around the perfume bottle, because in the event of an accident, the pop-up balloon will make perfume into a small bomb, great harm. We'd better choose some of the more solid car perfume, put a relatively less exposed, safer place. In the door on the edge of a small bag, the car perfume on the inside is a good choice, Car Perfume Bottle so that will not take up space, but if you want your car perfume for the car to add a visual sense, you can hang In the rearview mirror.

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