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The Quality Of The Oil Bottle

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

How to identify the quality of essential oil bottles is very concerned about the issue, the market of all kinds of essential oils dazzling, even if the professional aromatherapy division can not provide you with a set of scientific precision and simple and effective identification methods, and sometimes you will see EYE. Choose the leading sales, reputation, there are regular shopping malls counters essential oil brand, can greatly reduce the possibility of buying inferior oils, is the safest and simple choice. How to distinguish between good and essential oils? With Xiaobian together to see how to identify the quality of essential oil bottles.

How to identify the quality of essential oil bottles

Essential oil because of its easy oxidation characteristics, so the packaging requirements are very strict, so the oil bottles are generally selected dark bottles. Essential Oil Bottle First said that the real pure essential oil (100%), raw material suppliers are basically with aluminum cans to install unilateral essential oils (whether domestic or imported). Aluminum cans the smallest one kilogram, Essential Oil Bottle there are 5 kg 10 kg, the maximum number is not very understanding. But because purely unilateral oil prices are relatively high (domestic and imported or there is not a big gap), so 5 kg and 10 kg of the more common (for manufacturers). But for the essential oil producers, the general selection of the bottle is a glass bottle, mainly because the aluminum cans are expensive (and now also a small capacity of aluminum cans).

Briefly introduce the glass bottle. The same glass bottles of different manufacturers prices are not the same, the domestic and imported and not the same. Frankly speaking, Essential Oil Bottle the quality of foreign bottles is indeed better than the domestic, domestic better recognized is the elegance of Shanghai (but unfortunately the Japanese factory), Beijing's Witton and Tianjin Fidelity compared to personal feeling or to almost. In general, identify the bottle first look at the weight, the same specifications of the bottle is relatively heavy. Second, Essential Oil Bottle look at the bottom of the bottle to determine whether the automatic mold (automatic mold than the hand mold of the bottle is relatively good), automatic mold bottle bottom has a concave hole, different manufacturers look like a hole, a round, Type. Finally, look at the uniformity of the bottle, the bottle will turn against the light source, a good bottle can obviously see the light will not be scattered, the light scattered that the bottle wall is not uniform. Essential oil bottles can also be identified in the same way.

What is the best packaging container for essential oil bottles?

According to the test test, the general situation, skin care products, cosmetics in the active identity in the closure after 40 - a 60 days will be hours, Essential Oil Bottle and in this process the results of skin care products kept falling. Because all the essential oil products contain active identity, vulnerable to the outside world.

So how to survive essential oils, to ensure that the product's active identity and product results. Essential oil to deal with the packaging of Dan Di bottle material is extremely picky. Essential Oil Bottle The same as most of the essential oil to accept the dark glass material as the oil bottle, and glass hit the oil bottle is also subject to people's reception. But because of the glass oil bottle in the glass back to see the results of non-stop downturn, Essential Oil Bottle the impact of the situation is also relatively large. Therefore, 5% essential oil introduced aluminum oil bottles, as the packaging of essential oils. Aluminum oil bottles can probably be useful to avoid the special needs of essential oils.

In fact, the production of essential oils in the transport process, the aluminum oil bottle is the most safe container! Just because of the high cost of technology, aluminum bottles have been reluctant to enter the public view.

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