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The Use Of Emulsion Bottles Is Also Relatively Convenient

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

Emulsion bottle is a common container, such as the daily life of the use of shower gel, shampoo, hand cream, etc. mostly installed in the emulsion bottle. The present emulsion bottle consists of a bottle body and a emulsion pump on the bottle body, which is pumped into the bottle body by pressing the emulsion pump.

The existing emulsion pump comprises a press head, and a straw is arranged under the head, the top of the straw is provided with an ontology, which is provided with a main column, Lotion Bottle a secondary column, and an air inlet in the body, and a spring is arranged on the body, and the emulsion is pumped into the suction tube by pressing the head, and the emulsion is sucked into the bottle body by the pressure of the air However, Lotion Bottle as the existing emulsion bottle in the transport process, due to the turbulence in the transport process, the emulsion can easily leak along the main column outside the emulsion bottle, affecting consumer use.

Therefore, a kind of blocking air inlet type leakproof emulsion pump and emulsion bottle with the emulsion pump is designed. The emulsion pump comprises a press head, a lock lid, a screw sleeve, an ontology, a main column, a secondary column, a piston, a glass ball, a pressure spring, Lotion Bottle a straw and an inlet sealing piece, and the emulsion bottle comprises the emulsion pump and the bottle body. The body of the emulsion pump is connected with the lock cover through the screw sleeve, and the connecting head is fixed sequentially, Lotion Bottle the main column and the secondary pillar are extended through the lock cover inside the body, and the body has at least one air inlet to keep the air pressure stable at work, the air inlet sealing piece is set on the main column, and with the internal cavity, the emulsion pump is locked in the open state. The air inlet seals the air inlet of the sealing body, prevents the emulsion bottle from leaking outside the bottle through the air inlet, the inner cavity, Lotion Bottle the main column wall and the inner wall of the lock cover.

However, due to the increase of components in the body of the emulsion pump and the requirement of high precision, it is difficult to ensure the smooth cutting of the emulsion pump in the process of operation, and the increase of the production cost.

The material of emulsion bottle is mainly glass. Second, the current market is the most popular pump-head type of emulsion bottles, this type of emulsion bottle mainly rely on extrusion to obtain. Lotion Bottle The consumer is very convenient to use. The disadvantage is that the emulsion will remain in the mouth of the pump, in the bottle will also remain, not easy to complete use, Lotion Bottle resulting in waste of resources. The material of this kind of emulsion bottle is mainly PE plastic. Finally, there are 1 types of emulsion bottle is the hose class, this type of emulsion bottle is also relatively convenient to use, and packaging costs relatively low.


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