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The Value Of The Use Of Emulsion Bottles

Shanghai Rowell Industry Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Emulsion bottles are common containers, such as daily life using shower gel, shampoo, hand cream and so on mostly in the emulsion bottle. The present emulsion bottle comprises a bottle body, and an emulsion pump is provided on the bottle body, and the emulsion in the bottle is pumped out of the bottle by pressing the emulsion pump.

The existing emulsion pump comprises a head, a straw is arranged below the head, the upper part of the straw is provided with a body, a main column and a secondary column are arranged in the body, Lotion Bottle and an air inlet is arranged on the main body, and a spring , The emulsion is drawn into the straw by pressing the head and the emulsion is drawn from the bottle into the body using the pressure of the air. However, due to the existing emulsion bottles in the transport process, due to the bumps in the transport process, the emulsion easily along the main column leakage to the emulsion bottle, Lotion Bottle affecting the use of consumers.

As a result, people have designed a sealed air intake leakproof emulsion pump and emulsion bottle with the emulsion pump. The emulsion pump includes a head, a lock cover, a screw cover, a body, a main column, a secondary column, a piston, a glass ball A pressure spring, a suction tube, Lotion Bottle and an air inlet block, the emulsion bottle comprising the emulsion pump and the bottle. The body of the emulsion pump is connected with the locking cover through the screw and the cover, and the main column and the auxiliary column are fixed into the body through the lock cover. Lotion Bottle The body has at least one air inlet for keeping the working pressure Stable, air inlet blockade set on the main column, and with the body cavity sliding fit, the emulsion pump is locked in the open state, the air inlet block seal on the body of the inlet, to prevent the emulsion bottle emulsion Air inlet, body cavity, the main column of the wall, the inner wall of the lid out of the bottle caused by pollution.

However, due to the increase in the composition of the emulsion pump body, and requires high precision, the use of the process is difficult to ensure smooth flow of the emulsion pump is easy to occur stuck, Lotion Bottle and the body of the increase in components, resulting in increased production costs.

The emulsion bottle comprises a bottle body, an emulsion pump is arranged on the bottle body, the emulsion pump comprises a straw, the upper part of the straw is provided with a body, the lower glass ball of the body is arranged on the top of the straw and the top of the suction pipe is sealed; Lotion Bottle And the auxiliary column, the sub-pillar is located below the main pillar, the piston is arranged outside the auxiliary column; the upper end of the body is provided with a screw cover, the cover is arranged outside the body, and the top of the lock is provided with a head; Comprising an outer ring, Lotion Bottle an inner ring located in the outer ring and a connecting part connecting the inner ring and the outer ring, the outer ring being arranged on the upper end of the body, at least a part of the inner ring is arranged outside the peripheral wall of the main pillar; Thread fit.

When the emulsion bottle is in the unopened state, the emulsion leaks through the inlet, the body cavity, the main column peripheral wall, the inner wall of the lock cover to the outside of the bottle body, and because the lock cover is placed on the peripheral wall of the main column, The main column wall flow to the inner wall of the lock, no additional parts to achieve leakage effect, so to avoid the increase in parts caused by the emulsion pump movement is not smooth and stuck phenomenon, while avoiding the increase in processing costs.

The structure of the emulsion bottle can be added at any time, does not affect the appearance of the shape, the use of solid and easy to stick sticky, use and do not hinder the hand, which mainly contains the shape, bottle, pump, bottom cover, And the bottom of the shape is provided with a pressing joint, and the center of the fixed accommodation space is provided with a chamber for the screw of the bottle, Lotion Bottle and is arranged by the accommodation space to extend to the outside of the shape And the central chamber of the catheter for the connection of the connection with the inlet and outlet of the catheter connected to the volume, and the emulsion extrusion, to achieve a certain efficiency and enhance the use of the product value of the product.

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